Sx Handheld Battery Replacement

Need a new battery for your PHABRIX SxA, SxE, SxD, or Sx TAG?

Choose from one of our three service options to order a replacement.

As common with all lithium battery-based products, batteries lose around 20% capacity per year. Therefore it’s usual for our customers to need battery replacements for their Sx devices every 3 to 5 years.

1.New Sx Battery – Self Installation
Battery installation completed by yourself
Replacement battery with installation instructions included.


2.New Sx Battery – Factory Installation
Battery installation & testing at PHABRIX HQ.*
3 month warranty & return shipping included. Calibration not included.


3.New Sx Battery – Factory Installation & Calibration
Battery installation, factory update**, testing & calibration at PHABRIX HQ.*
3 month warranty & return shipping included.


*Customer is responsible for shipping products and shipping costs to PHABRIX. PHABRIX is responsible for return shipping and shipping costs.

**Factory update includes installation of the latest software and hardware modifications where deemed applicable.

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