Broadcasters face many test and measurement challenges,
including compliance testing, physical layer analysis as facilities
evolve, and fast fault diagnosis when problems occur.

QC, compliance testing & fault diagnosis

Broadcasters need an array of test and measurement capabilities across their facilities to manage daily QC, and to respond to any infrastructure faults. There’s also a need for physical layer (Eye and Jitter) testing during system set-up and expansion. To address these different requirements, PHABRIX offers a full array of portable and rackmounted solutions for signal generation, analysis and monitoring.

For next generation formats like IP, 4K/UHD and HDR/WCG, there’s the Qx series which offers a comprehensive toolset for rapid test and measurement. The Qx range offers advanced IP packet congestion analysis, as well as fast 12G physical layer testing, and sophisticated HDR/WCG visualization tools.

For applications demanding a high level of portability, there’s the Sx range which offers hybrid IP/SDI testing, as well as advanced physical later testing. These powerful tools are delivered in a lightweight and compact design, with an especially easy to use control interface.

PHABRIX’s Rx series of rackmount analyzer/generators is ideally suited to broadcast applications which demand advanced capabilities like automated intermittent fault capture, and remote access from any location.