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Key Features

3G/HD/SD-SDI generation, analysis & monitoring
  • Simultaneous generation and analysis for SMPTE compliance testing
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI support
  • Embedded audio generation, analysis & monitoring with 1x AES in, 1x AES out, 48kHz 75 Ohm
  • Auto Bi-level, Tri-level and SDI genlock with cross lock capability
Advanced physical layer analysis (Eye & Jitter) toolset
  • Instant, Real-Time Eye (RTE™) for testing SMPTE compliance issues with easy ‘traffic light’ style performance indicators
  • Automated measurements for rise time, fall time, delta, overshoot, undershoot and cable length
  • Display up to a maximum of 10 eyes
  • Instrument presents Histograms, decade filters, simultaneous timing thermometers, eye color for ‘hot spot’ view, persistence and cable type
  • Jitter analysis instrument enables an engineer to analyze the nature of jitter present using a graph of jitter versus time
Advanced video analysis toolset
  • Over 350 formats supported for compliance monitoring
  • 12-bit waveform monitor with YCbCr, Y, Cb, Cr and GBR format display and horizontal/vertical graticules
  • Vectorscope for checking color bias / conformity
  • Signal generation with 32 test patterns, including Pathological and moving patterns
  • CRC error detection, video aspect ratio detection and SMPTE 351 display
  • HANC/VANC support
  • Pixel check and picture zoom
Multi-channel audio analysis & monitoring
  • Embed a single external 48kHz synchronous AES stream into the generated video stream
  • Extract embedded audio and export it via the AES output
  • 16 channel audio metering
  • Dolby® E, Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Digital Plus bitstream analysis
Remote access, automation & logging
  • TCP/IP interface for remote control and automated testing
  • Comprehensive status logging with custom reports
  • Instrument picture capture to simplify fault finding
Ultra-portable, easy to use design
  • High quality, 16:9 built-in screen for video monitoring
  • Rechargeable lithium battery delivers 1-2 hours operation and mains power also available
  • Superior ease of use with color coded GUI
  • Lightweight at 0.7kg
  • Rugged aluminium case for demanding broadcast environments


Physical layer toolset

RTE™ (Real-Time eye) and Jitter analysis

Eye analysisLink Arrow
• SxE offers instant, Real-Time Eye (RTE™) for testing SMPTE compliance issues
• Automated measurements for rise time, fall time, delta, overshoot, undershoot and cable length
• Display up to a maximum of 10 eyes
• Instrument presents
-Decade filters
-Simultaneous timing thermometers
-Eye color for ‘hot spot’ view
-Cable type

Jitter analysisLink Arrow
• Jitter analysis instrument enables an engineer to analyze the nature of jitter present using a graph of jitter versus time
• Decade filters are present and the time base can be adjusted from 1 line through to 1 frame
• By analyzing jitter in this detailed way, an engineer can determine if a signal is in or out of specification and also get a feel for where any problems lie
• A spiky waveform could indicate power supply noise and these visual clues aid the diagnosis
• Vertical gain and horizontal magnify controls are provided to help further identify problems
Eye & Jitter parameter loggingLink Arrow
• SxE’s eye & Jitter logging tool records Jitter thresholds plus eye timings and amplitudes

Video toolset

Signal generation, analysis & monitoring

Signal generationLink Arrow
• Signal generator provides 32 on-board test patterns, including Pathological, zone plate, bouncing box, A/V delay, DPX custom patterns, and color fields
WaveformLink Arrow
• Full 12-bit resolution
• YCbCr, Y, Cb, Cr and GBR format display
• Configurable H and V graticules
• Single line, H-mag, V-mag, brightness, color and monochrome controls
VectorscopeLink Arrow
• 12-bit processing
• Magnification (1x to 10x)
• 75% and 100% targets
• 5% +/-5 degress boxes
• IQ axis on/off, perimeter rose, brightness, gamma, raw, persistence, low pass and interpolate trace modes
Picture display with cursorsLink Arrow
• Scaling from 1/16 to full screen
• Cursors linked to waveform
and data view
Picture zoomLink Arrow
• Provides a much closer look at picture and pixels
Instrument captureLink Arrow
• Fast and simple instrument capture to assist fault diagnosis
• Capture by pressing and holding ‘OK’ button
Moving zone plate (option)Link Arrow
• Moving zone plate option (PHSXOZ)) includes a control interface for frequency sweep adjustments, and this allows for direction and motion to be applied
• Temporal control is particularly useful for testing up/down convertors/monitors and applications which compress signals
• Custom settings can be saved down to memories and recalled at any time
SDI analysis & ancillary data analyzer (option)Link Arrow
• SDI analysis and ancillary data analyzer option (PHSXOSD) provides a detailed view of the data words contained within the SDI stream plus an ancillary data packet analyzer.
• Allows analysis of complex faults - particularly useful when debugging new products in R&D
• Ancillary packet analyzer includes a DID and SDID search editor, freeze, and freeze on trigger function
VANC analyzer grid (option)Link Arrow
• VANC analyzer grid SDI option (PHSXOVNC) provides a quick visual check for available vanc/anc ancillary data. Packet type is displayed as present, absent or red if in fault.
• Each ancillary packet available from the grid view can be set to enable logging and then presented together with other information in the events window of the logging menu
• User defined selections can be entered with the appropriate DID or SDID code.

Please note this option does not fully decode the ancillary data, but indicates the data is present

Audio toolset

Multichannel monitoring & Dolby metadata generation/analysis

Audio generationLink Arrow
• The Sx series can embed an audio signal on all 16 embedded audio outputs
• Audio Group menu controls which audio channels, pairs or groups have test tones applied and the type of tone
• Each of the four groups may be separately enabled. When enabled, the source and level of each channel in a pair can be selected
Audio metersLink Arrow
• 16 channel audio metering
• Source for each block of 8 meters may be independently set to allow simultaneous metering of 8 inputs and 8 outputs or all 16 channels in an embedded SDI stream.
• If AES or analog inputs or outputs are present, these may also be metered
• At the bottom of each meter is the current audio level in dBFs (decibels relative to 0dB full-scale)
Audio statusLink Arrow
• Audio Status shows the Channel Status for the selected audio channel, displayed in decoded form as well as a hexadecimal dump of the bytes
• Source may either come from the input signal or from the generator for comparison purposes
Dolby metadata generation/analysis (option)Link Arrow
• Dolby metadata generator and analyzer option (PHSXO-DAG) provides Dolby generation and Dolby analysis toolsets
• All Dolby parameters can be set up and logged
• With a selection of Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus streams to choose from, engineers can quickly enter and adjust parameters to check broadcast infrastructure - this allows the display of Dolby meta data present in a selected audio stream and determines whether the Dolby E packet is timed correctly on the SDI video stream
• Dolby E Analyzer allows the display of Dolby metadata present in a selected audio stream and determines whether the Dolby E packet is timed correctly on the SDI video stream
• V Bit information and PCM values displayed along with a snapshot of the Dolby metadata
• Dolby metadata screen carries primary information including signal source, Dolby E ‘guard band’ timing, CRC errors, program channel and metadata detail
• Peak audio levels included in the Dolby E metadata packet are displayed allowing the user to select the appropriate set of meters to display Dolby levels
• Logging for Dolby errors, Timing, Common metadata and Program metadata



Monitor Details

Display resolution      480 x 272 pixels auto scaling

Display type               16:9 24 bit color TFT

Display size                95 x 54 mm

Processing                 All digital


SDI                              3G-SDI, HD-SDI SD-SDI

Outputs                       1 x 75 Ohm BNC

Inputs                          1 x 75 Ohm BNC

Genlock                      Bi/Tri/SDI with cross lock

Adjustable timing       0 to 1 Frame

Text Ident                    Yes with font, color and point size

Logo ident                  Yes

EDH                            Yes (SD-SDI)

Video Test Signal

Resolution                   10 bits

Static Test patterns    32+ including full frame

Moving Zone Plate    Yes

User defined               DPX,YUV,TGA,BMP

Formats                       A full list of supported SMPTE formats for 3G, HD and SD can be                                       supplied on request

Eye bit rates                3Gbps, 1.485Gbps, 270 Mbps

Jitter                            SMPTE specification filters

Jitter thermometers    Alignment, Timing


Internal speaker                         0.5 watts

Audio DAC                                  24 bit stereo

Headphone socket                    3.5 mm with auto line out

Generator/Monitor                     48 kHz 20-bit (SD-SDI) 24-bit (HD-SDI)

16 channel embedded audio    Yes

AES output                                  1 x 75 Ohm BNC

AES intput                                   1 x 75 Ohm BNC

Audio Test Signal

Fixed tones                                  17

Variable tones                             1 Hz-24 Khz in 1Hz steps

Intermittent Tone                        Yes

White noise generation              Yes

Audio levels variable                   0 to -100dB in 1dB steps

Audio phase invert                      Yes


Navigation panel                         5 menu keys 8 custom select/program

Integral battery supply                Yes

Internal Storage                           1GB (upgradable)

Remote control                            Web browser interface

Ethernet/USB                               Yes

Carry case                                    Included

AC power supply                         Included

Security                                        Kensington lock fitting

Size                                               H:92mm W: 225mm D: 42mm

Weight                                          0.7kgs


Note: Lithium batteries do lose charge over time. PHABRIX offers a battery replacement service



SxE SD/HD/3G Handheld complete unit for Eye and Jitter compliance


* Command Scripts + Reports (Repeat testing + create print report)


* SDI Data display + VANC/ANC Inspector


* Enhanced Remote Control for integration


* Advanced zone plate generator (Programmable Y/C zone plate)


* Advanced video Formats + 2K (422/444, YUV/RGB, 10/12 bit, SMPTE 428-9 D-Cinema/SMPTE ST 2048-2:2011)


* Dolby E/D/D+ analysis + generation (streaming, metering, timing)


Engineering bundle with six options*, namely PHSXOS,PHSXOSD,PHSXOR,PHSXOZ,PHSXO-DAG


Sx wall mounting bracket for easy charging (Does not include the charger)


3 Year Warranty*


5 Year Warranty*

*One year warranty included as standard.