AV Delay

SxA, SxD & SxE
Generation & Analysis

Although SDI feeds hold both video and audio data, it does not mean that the video and audio are correctly in-sync. Referred to as a Lip Sync Error, or AV Delay, the results can sometimes create a noticeable issue for the viewer, especially in broadcast workflows where feeds are encoded.

There is a potential that any active processing equipment can introduce AV Delay, but compensation for this may only be possible as a system solution not on a unit by unit basis. Therefore, understanding the likely accumulated AV Delay is a priority.

PHABRIX’s AV Delay Generation and Analysis option offers an end-to-end solution for the measurement of Audio to Video differential delay through a broadcast system. AV Delay is available on the handheld SxA, SxD and SxE instruments.

  • The tool provides a real-time update of the differential delay between the video and the selected audio channel pair
  • Measure the propagation or pipeline delay of either video or audio
  • Can be used with all Sx supported video formats and frame rates on SDI and AES interfaces

AV Delay Generation:

  • The AV Delay Generator produces an adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV Sync ‘clapperboard’ Test Pattern. This is compatible with third-party AV delay analyzers such as the LAWO V_pro8

AV Delay Analysis: 

  • Measurement of two AV Delay test patterns is supported:
    – EBU Tech 3305
    – LAWO V_line AV Sync test pattern

AV Delay Generation & Analysis: Available on the PHABRIX SxA, SxD & SxE handheld instruments

SxA: Portable 3G/HD/SD Generation, Analysis & Video/Audio Monitoring
SxD: Portable dual-link 3G/HD/SD-SDI Generation, Analysis & Video/Audio Monitoring
SxE: Portable 3G/HD/SD Generation, Analysis & Monitoring with Advanced Physical Layer Analysis

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