Key Features

Hybrid IP/SDI + Analog generation, analysis & monitoring
  • Simultaneous generation and analysis for SMPTE compliance testing
  • SMPTE 2110 and 2022-6 stream encapsulation/decapsulation for IP video networks
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI support plus Analog Composite [PAL-I, PAL-N, PAL-N (ARG), PAL-M, NTSC-M, NTSC-M (JP)]
  • SFP cage for SDI-Optical, HDMI and IP
  • Embedded audio generation, analysis & monitoring with 1x AES in, 1x AES out, 48kHz 75 Ohm
  • Balanced analog audio I/O
  • Auto Bi-level, Tri-level and SDI genlock with cross lock capability
Advanced video analysis toolset
  • Over 350 formats supported for compliance monitoring
  • 12-bit YRGB/YUV waveform monitor with horizontal/vertical zoom, chroma and low pass mode
  • Vectorscope with color wheel for checking color bias / conformity
  • Signal generation with 32 test patterns, including Pathological and moving patterns
  • CRC error detection, video aspect ratio detection and SMPTE 351 display
  • HANC/VANC support
  • Pixel check and picture zoom
Multi-channel audio analysis & monitoring
  • Embed a single external 48kHz synchronous AES stream into the generated video stream
  • Extract embedded audio and export it via the AES output
  • 16 channel audio metering
  • Dolby® E, Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Digital Plus bitstream analysis
  • Audio AES eye analysis
Remote access, automation & logging
  • TCP/IP interface for remote control and automated testing
  • Comprehensive status logging with custom reports
  • Instrument picture capture to simplify fault finding
Ultra-portable, easy to use design
  • High quality, 16:9 built-in screen for video monitoring
  • Rechargeable lithium battery delivers 1-2 hours operation and mains power also available
  • Superior ease of use with color coded GUI
  • Lightweight at 0.9kg
  • Rugged aluminium case for demanding broadcast environments



Video GeneratorLink Arrow
• The Sx can create video test signals for all supported SD and HD SDI output standards including the 3GHz standards at
1080p/50/59/60 Y, Cb, Cr
• Advanced video formats include support for RGB, XYZ 12bit and 2K formats
• A fully programmable Y Zone Plate
Audio GeneratorLink Arrow
• The Sx can embed an audio signal on all 16 embedded audio outputs
• The Audio Group menu controls which audio channels are present, signal type and amplitude
• Choice of: silence, adjustable tone, noise, AV Delay, Dolby test stream or AES input
Reference GeneratorLink Arrow
• The Sx instrument can create video test signals that are either free-running or locked to a studio reference or input signal
• The Genlock menu is used to select the locking reference and genlock phase offset in lines and pixels
AV Delay GenerationLink Arrow
• Adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV Sync and Operational Test Pattern to support SD and HD formats
• Compatible with third party AV delay analysers e.g.:LAWO V_pro8
• Enable AV Delay audio on up to 16 embedded channels and/or AES out


Picture MonitorLink Arrow
• The picture is displayed in a window as a down-converted display
• A cursor may be turned ON over the area of the picture specified by the specified line and sample
• Monitor device input or output
Picture ZoomLink Arrow
• Zoom function provides a 1:1 unfiltered pixel view, centred on the position of the picture cursor
• HANC/VANC areas visible when cursor in blanking
Linked CursorsLink Arrow
• The picture cursor is linked to waveform, vectorscope and data views for rapid and accurate detailed measurement of the signal
Waveform Full FrameLink Arrow
• Displays selected analyzer or generator source
• Analog locking reference input view (TAG only)
• YCbCr GBR, Y, Cb, Cr, R, G, B modes
• Cursors may be displayed over the waveform to allow measurement of time or amplitude values
• Vertical and horizontal magnifications
Waveform Line SelectLink Arrow
• The display may be restricted to a single line or all lines may be displayed at the same time
• The single line display is linked to the picture, vectorscope and data view
VectorscopeLink Arrow
• Choice of 100% or 75% graticules
• Display the Composite, SDI, SFP video input or the generator test pattern
• Display a specific video line linked to picture cursor
• x1, x2, x5 or x10 magnifications with position to centre, cyan, yellow, green, magenta, red, blue graticule locations
Composite WaveformLink Arrow
• The Waveform monitor can display the waveform of the composite analog inputs
• Selection of CVBS or Ref Input
Composite ChromaLink Arrow
• Waveform monitor can display the chroma component of the composite waveform
Composite LumaLink Arrow
• Waveform display of the low pass filtering of the composite waveform
Audio AES EyeLink Arrow
• Real time monitoring of the 75Ω AES input
• This allows the amplitude and quality of the AES waveform to be seen
• Allows the relationship of the AES input to reference to be checked
SFP StatusLink Arrow
• All the necessary status information for monitoring the health of the SFP and its interface
Vectorscope (Composite)Link Arrow
• Vectorscope view of the composite or external reference inputs


Screen GrabLink Arrow
• Screen grabs can be saved and downloaded via a web browser or FTP transfer
Web BrowserLink Arrow
• View and control the instrument display over a TCP/IP interface with a standard browser
• Ideal for remote location checking, engineering support, and fault analysis
• Allows access to key functions including screen dumps, loudness files and logging files
PC SimulatorLink Arrow
• A free Sx simulator PC application is available from the PHABRIX website
• Indicates command IDs for automation programming


16 Channel Audio MetersLink Arrow
• Display up to 16 audio channels
• The source for each block of 8 meters may be independently set to allow metering of embedded audio inputs or outputs
• The current audio level in dBFs (decibels relative to 0dB full-scale) is displayed at the bottom of each meter
AES/Analog Audio MetersLink Arrow
• AES and Analog (TAG) audio metering available as an alternative to embedded audio
• Dolby E metering selection
Audio Channel StatusLink Arrow
• The Audio Status menu shows the Channel Status for the selected audio channel
• Displayed in decoded form as well as a raw hexadecimal data dump
• The source may either come from the input signal or from the generator output for rapid comparison purposes


Instrument PresetsLink Arrow
• Current settings in the Sx instrument can be saved as memories for future recall
• Memories can be exported to a single file, reimported or copied to other units
• Presets can be applied to the whole instrument or selectively within the Generator or Analyzer
Network ConfigurationLink Arrow
• The Network menu allows the Sx instrument to be configured as part of a network
• Support for automatic acquisition of network parameters via DHCP or manual configuration
• Remote control enable/disable and selection of port number
Software License StatusLink Arrow
• Serial number, Sx instrument MAC address, version information and battery state listed
• The date and time can be set and factory default settings recalled
• Display of loaded license options
• LCD brightness and screen saver configurations
Engineer SetupLink Arrow
• Manage the Sx's settings including user access, clearing memories, factory default reset, software upgrades and audio calibration
• SDI input to SDI output loop through mode
• Control of SDI to IP-SFP gateway in Sx TAG


Video TimingLink Arrow
• Display the relationship between the selected video input with respect to the external reference input
• Offset feature to simplify system timing measurements
Video StatusLink Arrow
• Display the status of the selected video input or output and any errors that have been found in the data stream
• Display of EDH, Active Picture and CRC data with cumulative run-time display of errors and error rate
• Display of estimated cable length for SDI inputs with selectable cable type
ANC StatusLink Arrow
• Shows which ANC packets are present on the SDI input and whether any errors have been detected
• Each field is color coded according to whether the ANC packet is present (White), missing (Grey), has errors (Red), or has previously had errors (yellow)
Video Format/Payload IDLink Arrow
• The Misc Status menu displays the status the SMPTE 352 packets embedded in the selected video input and displays any errors that have been found
• Selection of input or output for rapid comparison
• Display of raw data and decoded form


Log SetupLink Arrow
• Set Audio Thresholds and log specific video status events, including Output, Reference and Input Status, TRS Errors, Picture CRC
ANC Log SetupLink Arrow
• The Log ANC Status menu allows customization of which ANC packets to log for changes in status (e.g. Present, Checksum Error, Missing, Parity Error)
• Logging of Dolby and AES Status as well as device system errors
• Control of logging duration
Event Log DisplayLink Arrow
• The Event Log menu displays a list of events with a time stamp showing when they occurred



ST 2110/ST 2059 PTPLink Arrow
• Selection of PTP Domain number and communication mode
• Indication of PTP lock status and version
• Reporting of PTP Master ID
• Reporting of Delay Request and Master destination IP address
• PTP message counters
Video FlowsLink Arrow
• Primary and secondary Video flow Source and Destination Unicast or Multicast address and Port number
• Video Flow Enable/Disable
• Decap filtering on match of Source: IP Add or Port num, Destination: IP Add, Port num or MAC address and VLAN
• Packet counters
ST 2110 Decap Setup - VideoLink Arrow
• Decap of Narrow or Wide senders
• Manual control of all Video Parameters
• Scan Mode, Bit rate, Sampling Format, Video Format, Frame Rate
• Useful for non NMOS, SDP systems
ST 2110 Audio EncapLink Arrow
• Primary and secondary Audio flow Source and Destination Unicast or Multicast address and Port number
• Audio Flow Enable/Disable
• Selection of Audio Packet time: 1ms, 125us, 250us, 333us, 500us
• Packet counters
• ST 2110-30 (PCM), -31 (AES3)
ST 2110 Audio DecapLink Arrow
• Primary and secondary Audio flow Source and Destination Unicast or Multicast address and Port number
• ST 2110-30/-31
• Decap filtering on match of Source: IP Add or Port num, Destination: IP Add, Port num or MAC address and VLAN
• Automatic detection of Audio Packet time: 1ms, 125us, 250us, 333us, 500us
• Manual control of the number of audio channels for non NMOS, SDP systems
ST 2110 Audio MapLink Arrow
• Control of mapping of Audio channels between 2110 flows and SDI I/O
• Support for upto 16 channels of audio per flow
• 8 encap audio flows
• 4 decap audio flows
ST 2110 ANC DataLink Arrow
• ANC Data primary and secondary flow Source and Destination Unicast or Multicast address and Port number
• ANC Data Flow Enable/Disable
• Decap filtering on match of Source: IP Add or Port num, Destination: IP Add, Port num or MAC address and VLAN
• Packet Counters
NMOSLink Arrow
• AMWA NMOS IS-04 Discovery and Registration, and IS-05 Connection Management (ST 2110)
• Automatic Registered Mode connection to a network registry service
• NMOS client can Browse Senders and Receivers, and drag and drop to make connections
SDP and LLDPLink Arrow
• Generation and Reception of Session Description Protocol (SDP) records (ST 2110)
• Automatic transfer of Audio, Video and ANC Data flow parameters from sender to receiver
• Link Layer Discovery Protocol for SFP to switch connectivity and reporting
EmSETLink Arrow
• SFP can be controlled from either the Sx TAG GUI or inband over fiber using Embrionix EmSET
• Remote SFP status monitoring, configuration and upgrade from a PC
• Rapid inspection of active SDP & flow formats
• Access to upto 8 Encap, 4 Decap Audio flows and 2022-7 Primary and Secondary flow configurations
IP-SDI and SDI-IP GatewayLink Arrow
• IP to SDI Gateway Enable/Disable – routes SDI I/O to IP SFP
• Encap or Decap gateway for 2110-20/30/40 and 2022-6
• Test pattern generator is automatically disabled when gateway is active
SFP SetupLink Arrow
• Configure SFP management address
• Encap video synchronizer and Audio PCM sample rate converter with offset control
• Synchronizes incoming SDI gateway or generated Video and Audio patterns to PTP
• Decap primary and secondary flow clean switch


AV Delay AnalysisLink Arrow
• Measure the system propagation delay (latency) of either video/audio
• Support for adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV Sync and operation test pattern
• Support for LAWO V_line AV Sync test pattern
• Real time update of measured AV delay
• +/- 400ms operating range
• Select audio from SDI or AES input
3G-SDI including advanced formatsLink Arrow
• 3G-SDI Level A and Level B
• Provides advanced formats including 4:2:2 YUV, 4:4:4 RGB and 4:4:4 YUV at 10/12 bit
• Analyze signals such as SMPTE 425-B carrying 1 x SMPTE 372M Dual-link payload
HDMI EDID ViewerLink Arrow
• Displays both RAW ancillary data and decoded EDID information
• Read back of the EDID information over HDMI via the PHSFP-HDMI-OUT SFP [purchased separately]
• Key applications include testing video walls in MCR installations, OB applications, professional AV infrastructure and manufacturing companies
SDI Data Display & VANC/ANC InspectorLink Arrow
• Two instruments that provide a detailed view of the data words contained within the SDI stream and ancillary data (VANC and ANC) packets
• This allows the analysis of complex faults and is particularly useful in determining compatibility issues between equipment and when debugging new product development in an R&D environment
• The ancillary packet analyzer also includes a DID or SDID search editor, freeze and freeze on trigger function
• A sophisticated range of user-definable trigger parameters is provided including: ANC, VANC or ANC+VANC, DID and SubDID values, line number range, Checksum, DBN, Parity and ANC Gap Errors
• Cursor link for locating chosen packet in data view/picture windows
Enhanced Remote ControlLink Arrow
• This option allows complex applications to be created on a PC to perform test and measurement functions such as automated testing of routers and other broadcast equipment
• PHABRIX instruments act as a server and listen on a port waiting for incoming requests from clients such as a PC. All visual controls on the product have an associated command.
Dolby Bitstream Generator and AnalyzerLink Arrow
• This toolset provides both Dolby Audio bitstream Generation and Analysis for Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. All Dolby related metadata parameters can be logged
• The Main Menu window provides a clear and easy to read status of the detected type of audio in each group with a snapshot of the Dolby
program config and Dolby E guard band timing
• The generator contains a number of pre-configured test bitstreams. Engineers can then adjust both Dolby E, the metadata parameters, and the Dolby E line number to test broadcast infrastructure and downstream audio encoding equipment
• The analyzer displays the stream type, the metadata of a selected audio stream, the PA spacing and any CRC errors. For Dolby E the timing relationship in the SDI video stream guard band is displayed and the analyzer indicates if this the recommended line position for that format
• The detected Dolby Audio type is displayed in the audio meters, however the audio is not decoded
• Logging triggers for errors relating to Dolby Audio include CRC errors, timing, and common and program metadata
Advanced Zone Plate GeneratorLink Arrow
• Choice of Zone Plate, Grating or Sweep Patterns
• Sophisticated control set including: Start and End Frequency, Start Phase, Rate of change of Phase, Angle, and X and Y position
• Temporal control is particularly useful for testing up/down convertors/monitors and applications which compress signals
Command Scripts with Print ReportLink Arrow
• This allows an engineer to create a stack of commands for repeat testing of systems using the toolsets within the Sx series
• Tests can be configured and saved for recall by a user defined operator name. Command scripts can be created on the interface or created
offline on a PC. The savings in time and the ability for an engineer to run a script to check equipment and return with a report is invaluable
• When ‘run’ reports are generated, they auto fill an on-board html file that can then be downloaded via the remote control facility and printed as a hard paper copy. The report also collects screen dumps of the instruments to accompany the report if required
• Additionally, users can add their own logo to personalize the reports



Monitor Details

Display resolution      480 x 272 pixels auto scaling

Display type                16:9 24 bit color TFT

Display size                 95 x 54 mm

Processing                   All digital

SDI Video Input/Output

SDI Format                   SD-SDI, HD-SDI, (3G-SDI Option)

SDI Input/Output       1 x 75 Ohm BNC

EDH                               Yes (SD-SDI)

Reference Input/Output

Genlock                        Bi/Tri/SDI with cross lock

Ref Generator              Bi-level PAL/NTSC +/- 5ppm

Generator timing        0 to 1 Frame WRT reference source

Composite Video Input/Output

Composite formats     PAL / NTSC

Composite input         1 x 75 Ohm BNC

Composite output       1 x 75 Ohm BNC

SFP Input/Output

Optical/Copper/HDMI -Tx/Rx (Optional)
IP SMPTE 2110 & 2022-6 Tx/Rx (Optional)

See ordering section below for supported SFP modules


Internal speaker              0.5 watts

Audio DAC                       24 bit stereo

Headphone socket          3.5 mm with auto line out

Generator/Monitor           48kHz 20-bit (SD-SDI) 24-bit (HD-SDI)

Metering                           16 channel PPM with phase indication

AES output                       75 ohm AES Pair via 15-way D-type

AES input                         75 ohm AES Pair via 15-way D-type

Analog output                  Balanced stereo pair via 15-way D-type

Analog input                    Balanced stereo pair via 15-way D-type


Navigation panel               5 menu keys, 8 custom select

Integral battery supply     1-2 hours lithium polymer

Internal storage                8GB

Remote control                 Web Browser Interface

Ethernet                             Web server, Remote control (TCP/IP Sockets)

Carry case                          Included

AC power supplier            Included (universal)

Security                              Kensington lock fitting

Weight                                900g

Size                                     H: 92mm W: 225mm D: 42mm


Note: Lithium batteries do lose charge over time. PHABRIX offers a battery replacement service


Request a Live Demo & QuoteLink Arrow


TAG analyzer/generator/monitor SD/HD Handheld with PHABRIX soft carry case (includes SFP CAGE)


TAG analyzer/generator/monitor SD/HD + IP Handheld with PHABRIX soft carry case (includes SFP CAGE)


TAG 3G-SDI includes advanced formats and 2K support


Command scripts + reports (repeat testing and create print report)


SDI Data display + VANC/ANC Inspector


Enhanced Remote Control for integration


Advanced zone plate generator (Programmable Y zone plate)


Dolby E/D/D+ analysis + generation (streaming, metering, timing)


Engineering bundle with six options, namely PHSXO-3GADV,


HDMI EDID viewer software license (requires PHSFP-HDMIOUT)


IP encap/decap license (requires PHSFP-10SR-IP)


AV Delay Analysis


SFP optical transceiver 3G*/HD/SD


SFP optical transceiver 3G*/HD/SD


SFP electrical transceiver 3G*/HD/SD includes 2x HDBNC-BNC cables


HDMI V1.4/DVI 1.0 HDMI Input


HDMI V1.4/DVI 1.0 HDMI Output


10GBASE-SR ST 2022-6/2110


Universal replacement SFP cage – MSA/Non-MSA with power down


D15 break out cable for AES, analog audio and GPI


Sx wall mounting bracket for easy charging (does not include the charger)

Extended Warranty

3 Year Warranty+


5 Year Warranty+

+One year warranty included as standard

Replacement battery service – pricing available upon request.

  • “We found the Qx 12G to be the one and only instrument capable of accommodating HD, quad-link 12G-SDI, and IP in a single unit,”

    Andrea Buonomo | Cinevideo
  • I particularly like the portability. The Sx battery life is very good, especially considering the size and brightness of the screen.

    David Parker | TVNZ’s Platform Engineer
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