Key Features

2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI generation, analysis & monitoring
  • Up to 2 channels of video and audio analysis (dual inputs per analyzer)
  • Signal generator option for video and audio
  • 2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI and Optical support with looping I/O
  • 12-bit YRGB/YUV waveform monitor with H,V zoom
  • Vectorscope for checking color bias / conformity
  • Generation of 32 test patterns, including Pathological and moving patterns
  • REF locking and timing analysis
Flexible layouts
  • Fast recall of up to 99 configuration presets
  • Flexible layouts with instruments sized from 1/16 to full screen
  • Color coding for two channels for easier monitoring
Automated video capture
  • Faster intermittent fault diagnosis with video capture (13 frames HD, 60 frames SD) with automated triggering
Physical layer testing (option)
  • SD/HD/3G/2K-SDI RTE™ (Real-Time Eye) option for testing SMPTE compliance issues, including under/overshoot
  • Jitter analysis in five specified frequency bands
Advanced analysis toolset
  • Up to 2 channels of closed captions can be displayed, with support for WTS/OP42/OP47, EIA 608 and EIA 708 formats
  • Ancillary data analyzer with support for ANC Timecode, reference VITC and LTC support
Multi-channel audio monitoring
  • Up to 2 channels of loudness metering and monitoring, using selected stereo pair or 5.1 surround audio. Supports ITU or EBU Recommendation 128. Loudness logs stored automatically
  • 16 channels embedded audio monitoring with level meters, phase meters, and Dolby E / AES support
  • TCP/IP interface for remote control and automated testing
Form factor
  • Compact ½ 1RU design, just 17cm deep and weighing 1.3kg
  • Low power consumption (24W typical, 40W max) for cool operation


Video toolset

Picture DisplayLink Arrow
• Scaling from 1/16, 1/4, 9/16, full screen
• Cursors linked to waveform and data view
• Action and title safe areas
• On screen configurable source ident
• Zoom, 4:3, 16:9
Waveform MonitorLink Arrow
• Configurable H and V graticules
• Overlay, Parade, Single line, H & V Mag,
brightness, persistence and monochrome
• Time and amplitude measurement cursors
• Cursor linked to picture and data view
• A wide selection of YCbCr and GBR parade
VectorscopeLink Arrow
• 12-bit processing
• x1 to x10 magnification
• 75% and 100% targets
• I, Q axis
Auxiliary Data - DecodeLink Arrow
Auxiliary Data - Decode
• ANC time code configurable display
• Closed captions: WST/OP42/OP47,
CEA-608 (in 708), CEA-708
• VChip
Input TimingLink Arrow
• Visual indication and measurement of video
input timing with respect to reference
• Line and pixel offset controls to configure
Multi Frame GrabLink Arrow
• Full stream capture and looped playback
of single or multiple frames of video,
embedded audio and ANC
• Export and import of grabbed files
• Manual or auto trigger controls
• Trigger on errors in ANC, CRC and EDH
AV Delay GeneratorLink Arrow
• Adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV sync and
operational test pattern to support SD and
HD formats
• Compatible with third party AV delay
analyzers e.g.:LAWO V_pro8
• Individual selection of audio pair
AV Delay AnalysisLink Arrow
• Support for Adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV
sync and operational test pattern
• Support for LAWO V_line AV Sync test
• Realtime update of measured AV delay
• +/- 200ms operating range
Gamut MetersLink Arrow
• 6-bar check with YCbCr sources and 3-bar check with RGB sources
• Intuitive realtime display
• Picture window zebra out of gamut display
• [Only available with A and AG modules]

Audio toolset

Audio MeteringLink Arrow
• Metering of up to 16 embedded audio
• Metering Ballistics: PPM-I, PPM-II, Vu, Vu-Fr,
• Scales: dBFS, BBC, BBCM, DIN, Nordic
• Adjustable peak hold times from 0.1s to Inf
• Audio pair phase meters
• Detection of Dolby DE, DD, DD+ and
metering of decoded audio
Loudness MonitoringLink Arrow
• EBU R128 and ITU-R BT.1770
• Indicators for true peak, range, momentary,
short term and integrated loudness
• User control of tntegrated, momentary and
short term targets
• User adjustable true peak alarm threshold
• Loudness logging stored automatically
Downmix MonitoringLink Arrow
• 5.1 Surround sound to 2.0 Stereo
• User control of routing and soloing of PCM
channels onto the downmix bus
• Downmix bus is independently routable to
speaker/headphone and rear panel/HDMI
• LoRo Downmix available from Dolby DD,
DD+ decoder outputs
Surround Channel Set-upLink Arrow
• Two 5.1 configuration presets
• User control of channel order routing
• Control of the mapping of 5.1 surround
channels to PCM group, pair and channels
Lissajous DisplayLink Arrow
• 2D display of phase relationship between
the selected audio pair
• Selection of input PCM or decoded Dolby
• AGC or manual scaling
Audio StatusLink Arrow
• 16 channel indication of audio type and
presence with detection of Dolby DE, DD
and DD+
• Decode of channel status information for
each audio channel
Dolby® GeneratorLink Arrow
• Generation of Dolby DE, DD and DD+
• User control of Dolby DE channel config,
16/20 bit, program metadata and frame
position at video frame rate
• Control of Dolby DD and DD+ channel
config and bit rates
• Choice of audio ramp or fixed tone levels
Dolby® MetadataLink Arrow
• Decoding of metadata for Dolby DE, DD
and DD+
• Indication of Dolby DE line position –
absolute or wrt ideal line
• Indication of CRC errors
• Dolby DD and DD+ Pa spacing and data
Dolby® DecoderLink Arrow
• Two independent decoders
• Decode of Dolby DE, DD and DD+
• Creation of LoRo from Dolby DD and DD+
for DownMix monitoring
• Dolby DE program selection for DownMix

ANC Toolset

ANC StatusLink Arrow
• Simple grid layout for rapid visual checking
of VANC/ANC ancillary data packets
• Color-coded Packet display: Present,
Absent or Fault
• User-definable selections with DID or SDID
ANC InspectorLink Arrow
• Ancillary data packet analyzer
• User-definable DID/SDID search editor
• Cursor links to data view, picture and
waveform tools
• Freeze and freeze on trigger function
SDI Data ViewLink Arrow
• Allows analysis of complex faults particularly
useful in an R&D environment
• Detailed view of the SDI stream
• Grid, stream views & color coding to help
• Linked to waveform, picture and ANC
inspector cursors
Misc StatusLink Arrow
• Detected input video format and SDI framer
re-sync indicator
• Signalled input video format – ST 352
Payload ID
• Auxiliary data location/presence indicators
Video StatusLink Arrow
• Reporting of CRC, ANC errors and run time
• Switch line handling
• EDH handling (SD)
• Active picture CRC
• Cable length indication, 6 Cable types
Board StatusLink Arrow
• Display of the current status of hardware
• Indication of fitted board options
• Indication of fitted SFP
• Check of system temperature, fan status
and board supply voltage

Eye & Jitter Toolset

SDI Eye AnalysisLink Arrow
• RTE ™ (Real-Time Eye) technology for SMPTE compliance testing & trouble shooting
• Dual jitter thermometers with selectable filters (10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz)
• Automatic amplitude, rise/fall time, under/overshoot and cable length measurements
• Amplitude and time histograms
• 1 to 10 eye display
• User-selectable heatmap and persistence controls
SDI Jitter AnalysisLink Arrow
• Realtime SMPTE Jitter measurements down
to 10Hz
• 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 100KHz filters
• 40ms or infinite persistence modes
• H, 2H, V trigger and sweep control
• 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 UI/Div vertical gain


Video GenerationLink Arrow
• 2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI signal generation
including pathological test patterns for SDI
stress testing (40 patterns in total)
• Moving test patterns including zone plate
• Loading of user-defined test patterns
• Ident, ST 352 payload ID and error
Audio GenerationLink Arrow
• Generation of up to 16 channels of audio
• Independent enabling of the 4 audio groups
• Selection of fixed or user-definable tones or
audio sources
• Master level control
• Phase inversion per channel
Generator TimingLink Arrow
• User control of the timing of the generator
output wrt Reference
• Line and pixel control

Fault Finding & Logging

Screen CaptureLink Arrow
• Useful for test documentation and reporting
• Capture of HDMI screen output to BMP
• Rx 2000 capture of right hand screen to
LoggingLink Arrow
• Record of detected events for video, audio,
AES, Dolby, ANC and eye/Jitter
• Video Events include: input status, EDH/
CRC, TRS and CRC errors
• Audio Events include clip, quiet and mute
with level and time thresholds
• Dolby Status includes Dolby DE CRC errors
and frame timing outside the ‘ideal range’
Event LogLink Arrow
• Record of the activation of user-configured
• Trigger event time and date stamp
• User-selectable date stamp mark
• Network Time Protocol (NTP) linked realtime

Control Toolset

Remote BrowserLink Arrow
• View and control the 1920 x 1080
instrument display over a TCP/IP interface
with a standard browser
• Ideal for remote location checking,
engineering support, and fault analysis
before deploying engineers
Front Panel SimulationLink Arrow
• Rx2000 also provides a front panel
simulator for remote operation via a web
• Allows access to key functions including
frame capture, screen dumps, loudness files
and logging files
Enhanced Remote ControlLink Arrow
• Full control of unit via TCP/IP sockets
• All visual controls have an asscoiated
• Passive/slave and active/synchronous

Rear Panel


Formats supported (generation, analysis & monitoring)


Video inputs / outputs

2-4 x SDI for 2K/3G/HD/SD, 75 Ohm terminated BNC Inputs

RTE Real-time Eye input (2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI)

SFP+ MSA/NON-MSA optical transceiver 3G/HD/SD-SDI

Audio inputs / outputs

8 channel 48kHz PCM audio on HDMI and SDI Instrument outputs

AES input AES 3-ID, SMPTE 276M-1995, 75 Ohm BNC

Stereo analogue audio output, (via 26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)

Calibrated stereo balanced analogue audio output (option module)

LTC input (via 26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)

User interface

HDMI instrument output, 1920 x 1080, 4:4:4 RGB, Type A

SDI instrument output, 1920 x 1080, 4:2:2 YUV, BNC 75 Ohm


Reference/VITC input, passive loop through, BNC 75 Ohm compensated

Networking & control

Ethernet remote control via browser, RJ45 connector, 10/100Base-T

IP sockets based remote control as standard

8 x GPI I/O (via 26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)

Front panel USB 2.0 host port type A socket + 2 rear panel USB 2.0 ports

FPGA firmware/software upgrade via Ethernet/USB


Front panel headphone connector 6.3mm (1/4 inch) stereo jack

Internal loudspeaker (beeper)

Front panel volume/gain control

Form factor

Dimensions 210 x 44 x 170 mm (width x height x depth) excluding ears & projections

Weight 1.3 kg

½ 1RU 19″ rack mount


Power consumption 24W typical 40W max (variable on modules inserted)

4 Pin XLR power connector, 12V nominal (9V-18V)

AC Power adaptor (included), 90-264VAC, 120W

Whisper quiet temperature controlled fan (1 x 40mm internal)


1 year standard increased to 3 or 5 years with Extended Warranty package


Request a Live Demo & QuoteLink Arrow

Rx 500

Rx 500 (½ 1RU) with 1 x channel Analyzer module (HD/SD-SDI & embedded audio)
includes Closed Captions, Loudness monitoring and Audio Meters


Rx 500 (½ 1RU) with 1 x channel Analyzer module (HD/SD-SDI & embedded audio) plus Eye/Jitter analysis
includes Closed Captions, Loudness monitoring and Audio Meters


Rx 500 (½ 1RU) with 1 x channel Analyzer/Generator module (HD/SD-SDI & embedded audio)
includes Closed Captions, Loudness monitoring and Audio Meters


Rx 500 (½ 1RU) with 1 x channel Analyzer/Generator module (HD/SD-SDI & embedded audio) plus Eye/Jitter analysis
includes Closed Captions, Loudness monitoring and Audio Meters

I/O expansion modules (1 additional I/O expansion module can be added to the above Rx 500 units)

Additional 1 x Analyzer module (HD/SD-SDI & embedded audio)


Additional 1 x Analyzer/Generator module (HD/SD-SDI & embedded audio)


4 x AES audio analyzer/generator with AES routing module


3G plus advanced formats (422/444, YUV/RGB, 10/12-bit) + 2K-SDI


Dual Dolby decode, bit stream metadata analyzer and framing indication for Dolby E, D and D+


Dolby Bitstream Analyzer (1 license supports up to 4 input modules)


Dolby Bitstream Generator (requires PHRXM-GDL, AG, AGE or 4AES)


Analog audio line level output converter


SDI data view/ANC packet analyzer


AV Delay Analysis


Gamut Meters [only available with A and AG modules]


19” rackmount fitting kit for 1 x Rx 500


19” rackmount fitting kit for 2 x Rx 500


Desktop kit with adjustable feet and handles

Rx SFP Modules

SFP optical transceiver 3G/HD/SD-SDI


SFP optical dual transmitter 3G/HD/SD-SDI


SFP optical dual receiver 3G/HD/SD-SDI


SFP optical transceiver 3G/HD/SD-SDI

Rx Extended Warranty Options

Rx 3 Year Warranty


Rx 5 Year Warranty

*One year warranty included as standard.

**Upcoming Software Release

Note: Rx 500 is a modular solution, and other configurations are available. Please contact PHABRIX Sales for more information.

  • “We found the Qx 12G to be the one and only instrument capable of accommodating HD, quad-link 12G-SDI, and IP in a single unit,”

    Andrea Buonomo | Cinevideo
  • I particularly like the portability. The Sx battery life is very good, especially considering the size and brightness of the screen.

    David Parker | TVNZ’s Platform Engineer
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