Key Features

IP Generation & Analysis

• SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 decapsulation / encapsulation
• Packet Interval Timing (PIT) analysis histogram for monitoring network traffic
• PIT Logging* offers effective longer-term network monitoring
• Packet Profile Generator for stress testing video networks
• Stream & network analysis tools
• NMOS IS-04*, IS-05*
• Network management multicast support (IGMP v2, v3)

3G-SDI Generation & Analysis

• Simultaneous 3G/HD-SDI generation and analysis
• Waveform monitor for YRGB/YUV monitoring
• Vectorscope for checking color bias / conformity
• Test pattern generation, including Pathological and moving patterns
• 32 channel audio signal generation and embedding
• Video and audio monitoring
• REF locking and timing analysis

HDR / WCG Generation & Analysis (option)

• Support for BT. 2100 HLG PQ and Sony S-Log3 and SR Live
• CIE chart (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, ST 2086)
• HDR Heat-map highlights signals beyond SDR
• HDR test pattern generator
• Waveform with code value and Nits
• Vectorscope with Graticules / Targets for HDR, SDR and Wide Color Gamut
• Waveform ITU-R 2408 diffuse white markers

Physical Layer Testing (option)

• HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI RTE™ (Real-Time Eye) options for testing SMPTE compliance issues, including under/ overshoot
• Jitter analysis in five specified frequency bands

12G-SDI STRESS (option)

• Advanced Generator tools with PRBS generation, control of SDI driver amplitude and jitter insertion
• Jitter FFT*
• PRBS Analyzer
• Pathological Detector

System Features

• Logging
• Configuration presets


• Remote interface employing VNC technology providing up to 16 simultaneous instrument windows
• TCP/IP interface for remote control and automated testing

Form Factor

• Compact ½ 1 RU


*Upcoming Software Release


Core Toolset

Analyzer - PictureLink Arrow
• Scaling from 1/16 to Full Screen
• Cursors linked to Waveform and Data View
• Tooltip display of pixel location in the image
Analyzer - WaveformLink Arrow
• YCbCr, YGBR and GBR parade modes
• Cursor linked to Picture and Data View
• Single line mode linked to Picture Cursor
• Configurable H and V Graticules
• User markers
• Parade, Single line, H & V Mag, Brightness, Persistence and Monochrome controls
• Mouse tooltip display of Waveform data
Analyzer - VectorscopeLink Arrow
• 12-bit processing
• 0.5x to 4x Magnification
• 75% and 100% Targets for ITU-R Rec. 709, Rec. 2020 and HDR formats
• User markers linked to Waveform
• Single line mode linked to Picture Cursor
• Tooltip display of Cb, Cr and Hue Angle
• IQ axis on/off
Analyzer - Audio MetersLink Arrow
• 32 channel audio metering
• Metering Ballistics: PPM-I, PPM-II, Vu, Vu-Fr
• Scales: dBFS, dBu -18, dBu -20, BBC, DIN45406, NordicN9
• Adjustable peak hold times: Off, 0.1 s to Inf
• Audio pair phase meters
• Detection of Dolby DE, DD, DD+
• Tooltip display of numerical value, SDI group and pair, Dolby type
Analyzer - Data ViewLink Arrow
• Allows analysis of complex faults particularly in an R&D environment
• Detailed view of data words in the SDI stream with tooltip hint
• Navigate function for rapid access to a required line, pixel or TRS word
• Color coding to help identification
• Cursor linked to Picture and Waveform
Analyzer - Ancillary StatusLink Arrow
• SMPTE ST 291 VANC/HANC ancillary data presence/status window
• Grid View – clear visual overview, present/absent/fault indication
• List View – ANC present list with location and status information
• Link to ANC Inspector
• Tool tip provides ST 291 ANC type overview
Analyzer - Video StandardLink Arrow
• Display of detected SMPTE S352 Payload ID for each SDI Link and Subframe
• Manual over-ride of S352 ID
• Selection of SMPTE video format
• Indication of S352 errors
Video Timing & System ReferenceLink Arrow
• Measurement of the timing of inputs against reference
• Indication of reference status and stability
• Indication of the relative co-timing of input SDI channels
• Graphical and numeric display
Network & AutomationLink Arrow
• Reporting of Qx Management/Control Port information and Interface Status
• Reporting of IP and MAC Address and mDNS Hostname
• Reporting of REST API and VNC Server Status and user control enable/disable
• Configuration of Static IP address/Mask, Gateway and DNS Server
ANC InspectorLink Arrow
• Ancillary data packet analyzer
• Link from ANC Status window
• User-defined DID/SDID windowed search
• Trigger on error, single shot, continuous
• ANC packet capture with Hex view
• ANC packet decode view
• Cursor link to Data View window
Audio StatusLink Arrow
• Channel indication of audio type and
presence with detection of Dolby DE, DD,
• Decoded channel status information for up
to 128 channels
• Clear indication of useful audio parameters
including CRCC, PCM/data, sample
frequency, word length
• Channel Status data view (Hex)
Ancillary Data-DecodeLink Arrow
• ANC Timecode
• Closed Captions OP47, CEA-708-B
• 2 simultaneous Closed Caption decode
• Paint, Pop and Scroll Display Modes
• Italic and underlined character sets

IP Toolset

SFP IP NetworkLink Arrow
• Reporting of presence of SFPs, SFP MAC and IP addresses (flow source IP address), and interface status
• Tx and Rx packet counters for indication of traffic activity
• User configuration of SFP IP Addresses, Masks and Gateway Addresses
SFP InformationLink Arrow
• SFP Status information for monitoring the physical network connection
• Indication of SFP Vendor part and laser characteristics
• Rx and Tx power for debug of fibre connectivity
• Optical link length indicator
IP Receive Multi FlowsLink Arrow
• Reporting of the IP Flows available to the receiver and user selection of the required flows
• Indication of Qx locked status, Protocol, Src
and Dst IP and Port Numbers, SSRC, Packet Counts, Sequence, payload and CRC errors
• Configuration of Multicast Destination IP addresses and subsequent Multicast Join
PTP InfoLink Arrow
• Control of PTP domain and communication
mode (multicast, hybrid w/o negotiation)
• Indication of lock status
• Grandmaster information including master
ID and time source
• Indication of estimated of frequency and
phase lock offsets
• Indication of one step or two step traffic
2110 Format SetupLink Arrow
• User-configurable allocation of ST 2110
packet IDs
• User-configurable video format parameters
for ST 2110-20 flows
• User-configurable audio format parameters for ST 2110-30 flows includes packet time and channel count
IP Video Flow Timing and System ReferenceLink Arrow
• Measurement of the timing relationship of
selected flows against PTP
• Indication of PTP lock status and stability
• Indication of the relative co-timing of the selected flows
SFP A Network StatisticsLink Arrow
• Reporting of SFP cumulative Receive traffic
• Indication of Packet types: Multicast, Unicast, Broadcast, VLAN
• Indication of Packet sizes and Cumulative number of packets for each size
IP Receive - Inter-packet TimingLink Arrow
• Stream health reporting using histogram to visualise the distribution of inter-packet arrival times
• Packet counts mapped against arrival times (us)
• Easy diagnosis of congestion with Max, Mean and Min inter-packet arrival times
• Log or Linear scales
IP Receive StatisticsLink Arrow
• Reporting of receiver flow video statistics and stability
• Total and active samples per line and lines per frame
• Indication of SMPTE ST 352 Payload ID
• CMAX, VRX, Buffer Min, Max and Mean values
SFP B Network StatisticsLink Arrow
• Reporting of SFP cumulative Transmit traffic
• Indication of Packet types : Multicast, Unicast, Broadcast, VLAN
• Indication of Packet sizes and Cumulative number of packets for each size
IP TransmitLink Arrow
• Configuration of Transmission Flow Unicast or Multicast destination addresses, Port Numbers and SSRC
• Automatic calculation of Multicast Destination MAC address from Destination IP Address
• Flow Control On/Off
Packet Profile GeneratorLink Arrow
• Injection of Inter-packet jitter onto outgoing flow
• Gaussian or Uniform distribution
• Log or Linear scales

HDR Toolset

Picture - False Color HighlightingLink Arrow
• Programmable ‘Heat Map’ to highlight luminance zones providing quick identification of shadows, skin or mid-tones or specular highlights
• 7 simultaneous programmable color overlay bands
• Presets for HDR and SDR ranges plus User Custom
Analyzer - CIE ChartLink Arrow
• CIE 1931 x,y display
• Single line mode linked to picture cursor
• Pan and Zoom
• ITU-R BT. 709, BT. 2020 and ST 2086 gamut overlays
• Tooltip co-ordinate display
• Support for BT. 1886, BT. 2100 HLG and PQ, Sony S-Log3, SR Live
HDR Waveform and GeneratorLink Arrow
• Waveform HDR graticules with Nits/Cd/m2
• BT. 2408 diffuse white markers
• SDR patterns mapped to HDR Rec. BT. 2020 containers – useful for like for like set-up of HDR and SDR monitors and line checks
• Full Rec. 2020 patterns
• Support for BT. 1886, BT. 2100 HLG and PQ, Sony S-Log3, SR Live

Generator Toolset

Video GenerationLink Arrow
• 12G/6G/3G/1.5G 4K/UHD and 2K/HD SDI signal generation
• Support for Single, Dual and Quad links with single, square and 2SI sub-images, Level A and B
• Moving test patterns
• 422, 444, 4224 and 4444, YCbCr and RGB Formats
• Import and display of TIFF images
Audio GenerationLink Arrow
• 32 channel audio generation, 128 channel embedder
• Choice of fixed tones or chromatc scale – to help with channel identification
• Choice of fixed or ramp levels – to help with channel identification
• Custom config of number of active audio groups and channels
• Master gain control
Pathological GenerationLink Arrow
• SDI pathological - SDI Stress patterns, Eq, PLL and CheckField
• User-definable combination of SDI stress and conventional patterns up to full frame

12G-SDI Stress Toolset

Advanced Generator ToolsLink Arrow
• Generation of PRBS-7, 9, 15, 23, 31
• SDI Scrambler and Sync Bit Insertion on/off
• Control of SDI Driver amplitude +/-10%
• Control of jitter insertion frequency, amplitude and type
• Control of pre-emphasis
PRBS AnalyzerLink Arrow
• Indication of PRBS cumulative received data and PRBS type
• Reported cumulative errors
• Calculated Bit Error Rate (BER)
Jitter FFT*Link Arrow
• Spectral analysis of SDI Jitter
• Easy identification of jitter harmonic components
Pathological DetectorLink Arrow
• Generator Status indication of rate at which the Video pattern generator is creating SDI pathological conditions
• Indication of PLL and EQ pathological rates/ second
• Detection on each active SDI link
• Realtime GPI outputs of Pathological Detect for external equipment triggering

Physical Layer Toolset

SDI Eye AnalysisLink Arrow
• Real-Time Eye (RTE) for testing SMPTE compliance
• DC coupled and automatic measurements of: amplitude, rise and fall time, jitter and under/overshoot
• Amplitude and time histograms
• Single or multiple eyes with choice of color and heat-map overlay and infinite persistence
SDI Jitter AnalysisLink Arrow
• Realtime SMPTE Jitter measurements down to 10Hz
• 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz filters
• H, 2H, F, 2F, V Trigger
• Infinite Persistence modes
• +/- 0.25 to +/- 8 UI vertical scale adjustment

Rear Panel


Formats supported (generation, analysis & monitoring)

IP SMPTE 2022-6
12G/6G-SDI (Optional)

Video inputs / outputs

4 x SDI inputs, HD/3G, 75 Ohm terminated BNC
4 x SDI inputs, HD/3G/6G/12G, 75 Ohm terminated BNC (Optional)
4 x SDI outputs, HD/3G, 75 Ohm BNC
4 x SDI outputs, HD/3G/6G/12G, 75 Ohm BNC (Optional)
RTE™ Real-Time Eye input (12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI) x 1 (SDI input A) BNC (Optional)
SFP+ MSA/NON-MSA 12 Gbps copper or fiber SDI, 10G Ethernet (Optional)

Audio inputs / outputs

4 x 75 Ohm AES selectable I/O (26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)
1 x Stereo analog audio output (26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)
8 channel 48kHz PCM audio on HDMI and SDI Instrument output

User interface

HDMI 1.4 instrument output, 1920 x 1080, 4:4:4 RGB, Type A


2 x 75 Ohm BNC high impedance looping reference input, tri-level or B&B with cross lock

Networking & control

10/100/1000 BASE-T
8 x bi-directional GPI (26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)


Internal Beeper

Form factor

253 x 44 x 211 mm (width x height x depth) excluding projections
1.9 kg weight


Power consumption 50W typical, 70W max
4 Pin XLR power connector, 12V nominal (10V-18V)
AC Power adapter (included), 90-264VAC, 120W


1 year standard increased to 3 – 5 years with Extended Warranty package


Request a Live Demo & QuoteLink Arrow


Qx IP hybrid IP/SDI analyzer for ST 2110, ST 2022-6 and 3G/HD-SDI (1RU, ½ rack)


Qx IP hybrid IP/SDI analyzer for ST 2110, 2022-6 and 3G/HD-SDI with Eye / Jitter toolset (1RU, ½ rack)


IP network traffic analysis toolset


IP network traffic generation toolset (Packet Profile Generator) – requires Video signal generator (PHQXO-GEN)


10G Ethernet SFP+, short range up to 300m (Qx IP supports 2 x SFP+)


HDR/WCG toolset with CIE 1931 chart, HDR Heat-map


Video signal generator for IP and SDI


UHD (12G/6G-SDI) support


Eye / Jitter toolset upgrade for PHQX01-IP (return to factory upgrade)


Advanced 12G-SDI Stress Toolset [requires PHQXO-GEN, PHQXO-UHD and


19″ rackmount kit for 1x Qx-IP


19″ rackmount kit for 2x Qx-IP


9.5” rackmount kit for 1x Qx-IP


10.5″ rackmount kit for 1x Qx-IP

Extended Warranty

3 Year Warranty for Qx-IP*


5 Year Warranty for Qx-IP*

Spare Parts

PHABRIX Qx Replacement Power supply

*One year warranty included as standard

  • “We found the Qx 12G to be the one and only instrument capable of accommodating HD, quad-link 12G-SDI, and IP in a single unit,”

    Andrea Buonomo | Cinevideo
  • I particularly like the portability. The Sx battery life is very good, especially considering the size and brightness of the screen.

    David Parker | TVNZ’s Platform Engineer