IBC 2019

Booth - #10.B12
13th – 17th September 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

What’s New – PHABRIX at IBC 2019


QxL – 25G Rasterizer – Previewing at IBC

  • Making its IBC Show debut is PHABRIX’s QxL 25G rasterizer
  • The QxL offers support for ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 live workflows with an IP to SDI and AES gateway and UHD over IP
  • An optional SDI interface card provides support for the full range of Qx SDI and advanced SDI-Stress functionality

Hybrid IP/SDI analysis and monitoring for SMPTE 2110 and 2022-7 workflows

  • We’re showing the latest ST 2110 developments to our flagship Qx Series, offering the latest hybrid IP/SDI test and measurement tools
  • The Qx family (Qx 10G IP and QxL 25G IP) offers ST 2110 (-20, -30, -31, -40), two-port ST 2059 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and ST 2022-7 seamless protection
  • Both platforms provide the simultaneous monitoring of 1 video, 2 audio and 1 ANC data flow in up to 16 active and scalable windows
  • The two audio flows each support up to 10 channels at 1ms and 80 channels at 125us packet time with either PCM or AES3 Transport
  • The core feature set also includes operator status information for PTP, 2022-7 seamless reconstruction and the timing relationship of flows to PTP
  • New Qx ST 2110 advanced engineering IP measurement features include:
    • The measurement of ST 2110-21 network compatibility and virtual receiver buffer models
    • Advanced PTP to Flow timing and latency measurements
    • Inter-Packet Arrival Times for all flows that contribute to the ST 2022-7 seamless reconstruction
  • The new TR-1001-1 toolset on both the Qx and handheld Sx TAG provides support for AMWA NMOS IS-04 Discovery and Registration and IS-05 Connection Management with DHCP, DNS Service Discovery, LLDP, SDP and PTP System Resource
  • Sx TAG provides support for SMPTE 2110 (-20, -30, -40) encapsulation and decapsulation with ST 2059 PTP
  • Its new features include SDI to IP and IP to SDI gateways for both ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 as well as the ability to generate an analog reference output slaved to the ST 2059 PTP or 2022-6 IP input

Advanced SDI interface stress testing

  • We’ll be demonstrating the Qx Series’ new SDI-STRESS option, providing an advanced toolset for SDI interface stress testing
  • Together with its fast, automated 12G-SDI physical layer analysis employing RTE™ (Real-Time Eye) technology, SDI-STRESS provides a world-class solution to SMPTE compliance verification of 12G/4x3G/2x6G/6G/3G/HD-SDI interfaces
  • The SDI physical layer toolset now includes:
    • Indication of DC offset, overshoot, undershoot, full and windowed eye amplitude histograms with Peak or Shorth Mean measurements
    • Jitter amplitude histograms
    • SDI jitter insertion (10Hz to 10MHz, 0.01UI up to 128UI pk-pk)
    • Transmitter eye amplitude adjustment (+/-15%), risetime, pre-emphasis, signal invert and mute controls operating with either the video pattern generator with pathological overlay as source or a new PRBS Signal Generator (PRBS7, 9, 15, 23, 31)
    • A new BERT Analyzer tool, all under REST API control
  • The proposed SMPTE pathological test pattern for SDI rates up to 12Gbit/s is provided operating in conjunction with a new Pathological EQ/PLL condition detector with real time trigger over GPI out

Broadcast QC

  • The Qx Rasterizer family now provides and on-screen display of ANC Timecode and SCTE 104 triggers
  • Accurate display of dual language support of OP47 and 608 in 708 Closed Captions is provided using two picture windows
  • AFD and Safe Area graticule and window are now provided as standard

AV Delay Generation and Analysis

  • AV Delay Generation and Analysis, a new option available on all PHABRIX’s handheld Sx instruments and the Rx Rasterizer, offers an end-to-end solution for the measurement of audio to video differential delay through a broadcast system
  • The AV Delay Generator produces an adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV Sync ‘clapperboard’ Test Pattern and is compatible with third party AV delay analysers including the LAWO V_pro8
  • The Rx is capable of simultaneously analysing up to 16 channels of audio
  • The handheld Sx range is capable of analysing 2 channels of audio and the SxASxE and Sx TAG can also be used to measure up to 1 second of overall video or audio latency/delay

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