AV Delay Analysis

Sx Series & Rx Series

Upgrade your PHABRIX Sx portable instrument and Rx rasterizer with AV Delay Analysis

AV Delay
Although SDI feeds hold both video and audio data, this does not mean that the video and audio are automatically in-sync. Variously referred to as a lip sync error or AV delay, offsets can create a noticeable issue for the viewer.

Any active processing equipment can introduce an error in AV timing, but compensation may only be possible at the system level. Understanding the AV delay through broadcast workflows is a priority.

AV Delay for the handheld Sx Series

  • PHABRIX’s AV Delay Generation and Analysis option offers an end-to-end solution for the measurement of audio to video differential delay through a broadcast chain
  • The tool not only provides a real-time update of the differential delay between the video content and the selected audio channel pair but can also be used to measure the propagation (latency), or pipeline delay, of video and audio content
  • EBU and Lawo modes of operation providing compatibility with third party tools
  • Real time AV delay measurement upto +/-400ms in 0.1ms steps (accuracy = 1ms)
  • Audio source select for measurement – Embedded audio pair or AES
  • Fast measurement time

AV Delay for the Rx Rasterizer Series

PHABRIX’s AV Delay option for the Rx rasterizer, measures the audio-video delay through a broadcast workflow. The key features of the AV Delay option include:

  • A real-time update of the differential delay between the video and up to 8 audio channel pairs
  • Use with all Rx supported video formats and frame rates on SDI
  • Support for the measurement of two AV Delay test patterns: EBU Tech 3305 and LAWO V_line AV Sync test pattern
  • Fully compatible with PHABRIX Sx AV Delay pattern generation and measurement

When analyzing an AV delay video test pattern and audio pulse, the differential delay between the video and all 8 audio channel pairs will be measured and displayed – with the display updated in real-time.

  • A positive (+) measurement indicates that the audio pulse is lagging behind the video
  • A negative (-) measurement indicates that the audio pulse is ahead of the video
  • When video and audio are completely in sync, zero delay will be measured

The differential delay between the video and the selected audio is measured in 0.1ms steps (to an accuracy of 1ms) with an operating range of +/-400ms. The generator tool can be used to offset the source audio by up to 40 frames which can be used to extend the measurement operating range to over +/- 1 second.

Available on the PHABRIX SxA, SxD, SxE, Sx TAG, Rx 500, Rx 1000 and Rx 2000 instruments
  • SxA: Portable 3G/HD/SD Generation, Analysis & Video/Audio Monitoring
  • SxD: Portable dual-link 3G/HD/SD-SDI Generation, Analysis & Video/Audio Monitoring
  • SxE: Portable 3G/HD/SD Generation, Analysis & Monitoring with Advanced Physical Layer Analysis
  • Sx TAG: Portable hybrid IP/SDI + Analog Generation, Analysis & Video/Audio Monitoring
  • Rx 500: 2 channel analyzer/generator (2K/3G/HD/SD) & monitoring rasterizer
  • Rx 1000: Compact 4 channel analyzer/generator (2K/3G/HD/SD) & monitoring rasterizer
  • Rx 2000: 4 channel analyzer/generator (2K/3G/HD/SD) with monitoring via dual built-in screens & audio speakers

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