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"My engineers just love PHABRIX products."
Charles Amyot , Matrox

"Ive found that the eye pattern function of the PHABRIX SxE is great. HD signals don't like long or damaged cables and at O.Bs, it is often difficult to avoid both these things - so being able to know the signal you are passing on is okay has helped me a hell of a lot. We've also had problems ensuring that the Dolby E signals being provided by the O.B. van are properly framed and on the line the end user is expecting them on. The Dolby E function of the PHABRIX is perfect for this."
Peter Kent, One of Kordia's New Zealand video linking technical specialists

"I particularly like the portability.The Sx battery life is very good, especially considering the size and brightness of the screen."
David Parker, TVNZs Platform Engineer

"Before the PHABRIX SxAs we had to share one bench bound resource. Now we have enough SxAs for each engineer to have access to one."
Gavin Walker, Snells Chief Technical Officer

"With Tcube moving to 3G development we had to generate, receive and decode 3G signals. We chose the PHABRIX SxE instrument as it provides all features at a low cost without compromising on quality and performance. Eye analysis capability was an important criterion in our decision. After a few days of trial, we decided that it was the good candidate. After nearly two years of continuous use we are extremely satisfied with the overall features, performance and services of the PHABRIX SxE."
Jean Philippe Laloux, Business Development Manager of Tcube

"The PHABRIX handheld SxE received this morning- really nice piece of kit, it's been going around the sales office all morning, and it's a long time since I've seen sales guys excited by test kit!!"
Kevin Moore, Eurotek

"Video signal are very experienced with regards to test and measurement products. We are extremely excited about our new partnership with PHABRIX and are looking forward to distributing their innovative Sx and Rx product series."
Alessandro Trezzi, Managing Director of Video Signal

"I REALLY LOVE this scope."
Erik Bjorkquist, Bruteforce engineering services

"Congratulations on a great product."
Paul Brown, Maintenance Engineer for Fox40