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Dual Link generator

Order Code: PHRXM-GDL

Available: Now



Dual Link generator

The generator module provides dual output in support of dual link or two independent test patterns with the same video standard and frame rate.


  • Dual Video signal generators providing 32, 10 bit Line-based video test patterns
  • Pathogenic video test patterns such as Bars+Red, SMPTE Bars, Check Field
  • Zone Plate generator test patterns plus 3 user customisable zone plates
  • Audio signal generators providing 17 fixed tones, variable tones, intermittent tone and white noise
  • SDI-SD / SDI-HD outputs
  • Optical SFP option (PHRXM-OPTGG)

The PHRXM-GDL module provides a dual link video signal generator functionality. The Generator menu allows the following test signals to be generated. The Generator provides:

  • 32, 10-bit Line-based video test patterns such as colour bars, ramp, colour plate, multiburst and user defined (DPX, YUV, TGA, BMP ) that can be used to check video levels, linearity, saturation, hue, colour phase and frequency response.
  • Pathogenic video test patterns such as Bars+Red, SMPTE Bars, Check Field that can be used to check that decoding, encoding and transmission processes are correct.
  • Zone Plate generator test patterns are provided and allow the selection of several predetermined zone plates as well as 3 user customisable zone plates.
  • 17 fixed Audio test tones (fixed 100Hz to 20kHz ), variable tones (1Hz-24Khz in 1Hz steps), intermittent tone, white noise or silence on audio pairs and audio groups. Audio level variable (0 to -100dB in 1dB steps).



Dual Link generator Specifications

Generator SDI Outputs

Supported standards SD-SDI or HD-SDI. See Supported formats
Connector BNC x 4
Output Impedance 75 ohm terminated
Output Level +/- 400mV
Purpose Generator Outputs

Generator Optical Ouputs

Type SFP Optical Dual Transmitter Module (option PHRXM-OPTGG)
Specifications SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, and SMPTE 259M
Purpose To provide 2 optical video/audio outputs

Video test signals

Resolution 10-bit (12-bit with PHRXO-3G)
Static Test patterns 32+ including full frame
User defined DPX, YUV, TGA, BMP
Zone plate Yes

Audio test signals

Fixed tones 17
Variable tones 1Hz-24Khz in 1Hz steps
Intermittent tone Yes
White noise generation Yes
Audio levels variable 0 to -100dB in 1dB steps
Audio phase invert Yes

Available test patterns

User File .bmp, .dpx, .yuv, .tga
Colour Field Black, 75% grey, 50% grey, 25% grey, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow
Zone Plate Moving, static, vertical sweep, horizontal sweep, custom
Colour Bars 100%, 75%, 75%+Red, tartan
SMPTE Bars 219-100, 219-75, 219+i
ARIB Bars 28-100, 28-75, 28+i
Staircase 5 step vertical, 5 step horizontal,
Pathological Check field, EQ check, PLL check
Ramp Luminance horizontal, luminance vertical, component, chroma horizontal

Ordering information

Optical SFP option PHSFP-2T30-1310
3G-SDI & Advanced Formats PHRXO-3G





For Product support please contact your distributor at the place of your purchase. Should the product be beyond their repair assistance the distributor will contact the PHABRIX Support Team on your behalf.

A summary of PHABRIX’s warranty is given below. The detail of PHABRIX’s warranty is included on the web-site under Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the battery, third-party SFP modules and SFP cages are not covered under warranty.

Summary of manufacturer’s warranty and warranty service
PHABRIX products will be supplied to the distributor with a manufacturer’s warranty in favour of the end-user of the product. Under the terms of PHABRIX’s warranty an end-user will be able to claim for any defect in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of new product shipment to the end-user. Under the terms of the warranty, PHABRIX will supply replacement parts for those which prove defective and warranty labour if the defective equipment is returned freight prepaid either to PHABRIX or to an approved factory service depot.
This warranty does not include responsibility for any transportation damage or handling damage or insurance costs.

Warranty service
1. Automatic product warranty will cover the first year from the date of invoice to the distributor’s end-user and end same date in the next calendar year.
2. Should the product develop a fault, the distributor will provide first line telephone support for the end-user to confirm the fault is technical and not operator error.
3. If the distributor considers the product to be faulty following their telephone support, the product must be returned to the distributor for visual examination to confirm the fault.
4. The distributor must then contact PHABRIX to discuss whether the product should be replaced from the distributor's stock or directly from PHABRIX.
5. If the product is faulty and cannot be repaired by the distributor, the distributor must obtain a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number from PHABRIX before sending the faulty product to PHABRIX.

The warranty shall not apply if:
1. PHABRIX finds that the product or its component parts have been altered by unauthorised personnel;
2. the end-user installs, in the product, parts not made or supplied by PHABRIX, except such components specified by PHABRIX;
3. the product was used or installed in a manner other than in accordance with PHABRIX’s instructions;
4. the product is opened by the end-user.

Warranty Return Policy
If the product fails due to manufacturing defects, PHABRIX will either:
(a) repair the product; or
(b) replace the product.

Equipment Return Procedure
Before returning equipment to PHABRIX, the distributor or end-user must first obtain a RMA number from PHABRIX. All costs associated with shipping the product to PHABRIX shall be borne by the distributor or end-user, this includes freight, insurance as well as any and all brokerage fees and customs charges. The shipping costs associated with the return of the product to the distributor or end-user will be borne by PHABRIX.

Out of Warranty Repairs
PHABRIX will perform out of warranty repairs in accordance with its current service pricing schedule. All costs associated with shipping the product to PHABRIX shall be borne by the distributor or end-user, this includes freight, insurance as well as any and all brokerage fees and customs charges. The shipping costs associated with the return of the product to the distributor or end-user will be borne by PHABRIX.

Thank you very much for your recent purchase of PHABRIX Product, it is very much appreciated by everyone at PHABRIX.

Product Sheet


PHABRIX Rx simulation

The Rx simulator shows a simulation of the Rx2000 product. If you have a monitor of 1920 x 1080 resolution or greater, then you will be able to select the external LCD and arrange the window layout which would be visible on an external HDMI monitor on the Rx range.

Rx Simulator 09.04.14365 (18th January 2017): Please contact PHABRIX sales or your local sales partner if based outside of the UK for more information on the PHABRIX Rx range and to book a demonstration.



Rx Software & Manuals Releases

Please read carefully the PHABRIX Software End User Licence Agreement before downloading any software from this site.

Rx system software

To install this software on the Rx2000, Rx1000 or Rx500, download the zip file, extract the contents to the root directory of a USB pen drive then insert this into the front panel USB socket. See manual for further details on installing software.

Version Date Software Release notes Rx 500/1000 Manual Rx 2000 Manual
Current Version: Note that if your Rx system is running a version of software earlier than 9.01.12714 then new software will have to be installed manually to enable future automatic software updates.
09.05.14681 29/06/2017 Software Zip
Changes Rx1000 Manual Rx2000 Manual
Note that Version 9 software does NOT support Version 8 and earlier Eye Modules (please contact your dealer for a free hardware upgrade.) Note also that Version 8 systems will not automatically download Version 9 software. This will have to be done manually.
09.04.14365 05/09/2016 Software Zip
Changes Rx1000 Manual Rx2000 Manual
Previous Releases


Rx and Sx Remote control SDK Documentation and Utilities

A setup application is provided to install the tools and documentation into the correct places

Tools are installed under the Start Menu and documentation and code examples are installed in MyDocuments\Phabrix\RemoteApiSDK.

Version For Software Version Date Utilities and Source Documentation
2.3 0.08.xxxx -> Date Applications, Examples & Docs Installer
Previous Releases


Simple FTP Client for the Rx range

A setup application is provided to install the FTP Client.

This application simplifies downloading of the latest version for networks where a Proxy server is used and Rx units do not have direct access to the internet. It can also be used for simpler downloading of Screen dumps or Report files from an Rx.

FTP Client Version Release Date Software
Version NumberDate Installer