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Application Notes

The following Application Notes show how the PHABRIX range of products are being used in practice around the world:

Sx Hand held range

Broadcast manufacturers

The Sx range offers exceptional 'in house' test and measurement value for broadcast manufacturing. Already installed in many manufacturers around the world, PHABRIX technology provides full access for automation. Eye and Jitter analysis from SD-SDI, HD-SDI to 3G-SDI is available.

Broadcast engineering bays

With its combined video and audio toolset, the Sx provides a single instrument solution for the demanding requirements within broadcast engineering bays.The Sx offers direct video confidence on its integral display screen. Here the Sx can offer generation and analysis in one closed loop operation.


Many studios require an entry level solution for their T&M. The Sx offers exceptional value for investment. Ready configured with SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI, the Sx has a range of options which can be added at any time to further enhance the sophisticated toolset provided as standard. Engineer memories and scripting for routine equipment checks makes the Sx easy to use throughout a busy studio.

Outside broadcast

The OB environment requires an instrument that can be easily carried around and contains a selection of both generation, analysis and monitoring toolsets. This makes the Sx the ideal solution in this demanding environment. With its clear bright screen and immediate toolset, the Sx can be found in OB trucks internationally. Offering the longest untethered solution due to its lithium battery, the Sx last longer than any other portable instrument of this size. The
additional toolset of eye and jitter on the SxE only further enhances this perfect solution.


Uplink and transmission facilities need a toolset which has a focussed solution for testing infrastructure. The video and audio capabilities of the Sx range make track and trace fault and confidence testing an ideal placement for the Sx. With comprehensive logging of data across a range of signals, the Sx offers a high quality solution.

System integrators

Specifying instruments for a range of broadcast applications is the speciality of a system integrator. PHABRIX has designed its Sx instruments with a range of tools and options for a perfect fit. Whether in an engineering bay, OB facility or in support of uplink and
transmission, PHABRIX has a proven industry record for quality, cost effectiveness and ease of use provided by its T&M instrumentation and focussed software options.


As the link between telecommunications and broadcast continues to merge, the Sx provides Telcos with a toolset mix that includes data analysis of both digital and data networks. The Sx has already proven itself in many telecommunication industries in both R&D support and field support.

Rack mount test and measurement PHABRIX Rx series

PHABRIX is world renowned for its award winning handheld Sx series of instruments where portability is paramount. Please ask for details about the rack mount modular products from PHABRIX. These include the dual screen Rx2000 and the Rx1000 and Rx500 rasterizers. The Rx2000 and Rx1000 platforms can accept up to four broadcast specific modules from video to audio. This allows up to 4 simultaneous signals to be monitored within a very cost effective solution designed to support SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI.